Flower Vase #1, #2, #3

Year: 1989
Body: acrylic, glass tube, aluminium (# 1)
Manufacturer: Ishimaru Co., Ltd.
Collection: SPIRAL (Nichinan Co., Ltd.)

Size: W80 x H220 x D80mm
Size: W270 x H260 x D80mm

Kuramata's fascination of working with coloured acrylic blocks flourishes in his unique designs of vases. Where the rectangular volumes of static, yet floating acrylic blocks (some transparent, some faintly coloured) are intersected by dynamic straight lines of either clear glass tubes or metallically coloured aluminium tubes.

Here the man made world meets the natural, the single flower, which is placed on the pedestal of the translucent vase, adding life to the motionlessness of the vase. The encounter is pure and beautiful, inviting rays of sunlight to endlessly change the atmosphere of the sensitive play in colours between flower and vase.